Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ear Mite Treatment for Dogs

Organic Cedar Oil Ear Mite Treatment From the same great makers of Dr. Ben's Cedar Oils, *NEW* Ear-Neutralizer formulated for Dogs,Equine, Pets & Exotic Animals

Neutralizes and kills ear mites, bacteria, fungi and other ear problems.
Dr Ben’s ear-neutralizer is an effective ear treatment solution that will neutralize and help clear-up outer and deep ear infections and ear mites. Ear-Neutralizer is a natural antimicrobial solution that is highly effective in neutralizing & cleansing yeast infections, oozing ears, stinky ears and killing ear mites. For chronic ear infections in dogs or cats where the ear infection returns again and again there finally is a practical solution, Ear-Neutralizer provides soothing relief to any animal experiencing discomfort and pain from ear problems. Some of the symptoms you should watch for is your animal inching & scratching their ears, shaking their heads and swollen ears are just some of the symptoms you will notice your animal doing.

Ear Mite Treatment:> Ear mites can be dispatched easily and quickly. The first issue is to Kill the mites, neutralize them quickly. Put 4 drops in each ear then put a few drops on a soft cloth and clean the ear thoroughly. Recommended use is three times your first day, then use as needed. Ear Infection Treatment:Put 4 drops in each ear canal, then with a soft clean cloth put a few drops and clean out the ear thoroughly. Use 3 times daily to neutralize & stop infection. Continue using until you see the results you want to achieve. Clean ears are less susceptible to infection. Remember to always wipe your animals ears out after getting wet. Keep the ears clean & remove debris, wax and dust from the animal’s ears using the ear-Neutralizer. Use as often as needed.

  • Dr. Ben’s ear-Neutralizer is made from 100% natural ingredients. All are FDA approved (Food Grade ingredients).
  • Ear-Neutralizer is a proprietary blend of natural cedar oil and hydrated silica (quartz) ingredients made for treating ear infections in animals.
  • Ear-Neutralizer is a natural antimicrobial solution that is highly effective in neutralizing & cleansing yeast infections, oozing ears, stinky ears and killing ear mites.
  • Ear-Neutralizer provides soothing relief to any animal experiencing discomfort and pain from ear problems.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cedar Oil Flea & Tick Spray

Dr. Ben's Paws & Claws

Dr Bens cedar oil for fleas is fomulated for the safe use as an organic flea control in place of using Toxic spot drop treatments. Our cedar oil spray is also effective for protecting your pets from ticks, mites and other biting insects.
This formulation can also be used to treat other issues such as mange, dermatitus, dry flaky skin and other skin and hair related fungus and diseases.

Formulated exclusively for the Animal Health Industry for control of flying and burrowing insects common to. Approved for use on newborn offspring and there nursing mother. This product will successfully control Ear Mites, Mange Mites, Burrowing Mange Mites and Head and Goat Lice. 24 hour cure for yeast and bacterial infections of the ear canal and ear mites.

If your pet has fleas, chances are your yard and home has them as well. Don’t let your pets suffer…it’s not there fault…Take control of the problem NOW with our in-door out-door flea eradication kit.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cedar Oil Kills Bed Bugs

Cedar Oil is the most powerful Organic Bed Bug control treatment on the market. Scientifically Tested by Rutgers University. Completely Eliminates Bed Bugs! - Controlling Bed Bugs and Nymphs within seconds of Contact. Our Cedar Oil Formula Packs More Killing Power Than any other bio/natural/organic or chemical Bedbug Product on the Market. Scientifically tested and proven.

Natures Defender PCO Choice is a Chemical Free Solution specially created for Pre or Post treatment of insect infestations. It is formulated at the highest Cedar Oil concentration levels possible for use by EXTERMINATORS and PROFESSIONAL PCO's. It can be applied with hose end, trigger, compression and pressure applicators. It is designed for immediate insect control results of inside and outside treatments for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Governmental, Equine and Dairy entities.

For Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, Scorpions, Moths, Mosquitos, Ticks and Snake control inside and outside premises.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cedar Oil Bed Bugs

How to Spot Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are on the rise in the United States.
Bed bugs are small insects that feed mainly on human blood. A newly hatched bed bug is semi-transparent, light tan in color, and the size of a poppy seed. Adult bed bugs are flat, have rusty-red-colored oval bodies, and are about the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs can be easily confused with other small household insects, including carpet beetles, spider beetles and newly hatched cockroaches (nymphs).
Cedar Oil Spray for Bed Bugs has a 99% kill ratio.

Also from its markings, droppings and eggs Blood stains, droppings and eggs can be found in several locations including:

  • Mattress seams and tufts, sheets, pillow cases and upholstered furniture.
  • Crevices and cracks in furniture.
  • Baseboards of walls.

From its bite:

Some people do not react to bed bug bites. But for those who do, bite marks may appear within minutes or days, usually where skin is exposed during sleep. They can be small bumps or large itchy welts. The welts usually go away after a few days. Because the bites may resemble mosquito and other insect bites, a bump or welt alone does not mean there are bed bugs.

If you have bed bugs, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Anyone can get bed bugs. Notify your landlord and neighbors. The sooner everyone responds, the more successful everyone will be.

A Study from Rutgers University:

The direct spray of the Cedar Oil spray caused immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application. In addition to being 100% effective on bugs directly treated with the product, it also proved to be effective against eggs that were directly treated.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cedar Oil For Dogs

Cedar Oil Spray

Americans are passionate about their pets, and, as they become increasingly aware of the Spot Drop Therapy travesty, our cedar oil sprays will reverse the public mind set, and change the complexion of our Animal Health industry. The theory of using your pet as a magnet to attract fleas, then kill the flea using lethal toxins delivered through the animal's bloodstream is absurd. This practice is just wrong and is neither competent nor professional in nature. Contrary to a belief, products marketed under the disguise of Pet Med's are far removed from that of a bona fide medication.

Recommended by PRUDENT VET'S, HOLISTIC VETS, GROOMERS, TOP BREEDERS, ANIMAL SHELTERS, KENNELS AND 1000’s of dog owner around the world as a replacement to toxic and non effective Frontline, Advantage and other SPOT DROP PET MEDS that compromise your pets immune system and promote dry skin, itching sensations, erratic behavior, convulsions, illness and premature death. DO NOT USE ON OR AROUND RABBITS, MICE, RATS, FARROTS, GINNIE PIGS, EXOTIC BIRDS.

Dr. Bens Paws and Claws

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kill Insects on Contact with "Cedar Oil"

Stop using harsh chemicals, to treat your homes and yards for insects. 100% all natural "Cedar Oil" kills insects on contact, this safe easy to use product has been devised to treat and kill insects the natural way.

Natures Defender kills fleas and ticks on contact. Natures Defender is 100% safe and biodegradeable, even safe for newborns,puppys,and kittens. Simply spray directly on pets, being carefull not to spray in eyes, then rub well into coat.Fleas Die Instantly. Be sure to spray all pets bedding and carpets.Cedar Oil is clear and non-staining making it safe for all furniture and carpets.

Natures Defender not only kills fleas and ticks but a wide variety of pest. Here are just a few common insects Natures Defender eliminates: Roaches, Ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, head lice, termites, and many many more.

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Best Yet Products

Natures Defender is also safe for humans even children, and comes in a conveient 4oz personal spray or a 32oz spray for larger applications. Pictures shown above!

Natures Defender comes in a wide variety of products and sizes for your every need. Great for motels and apartments where insects are a problem.

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