Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kill Insects on Contact with "Cedar Oil"

Stop using harsh chemicals, to treat your homes and yards for insects. 100% all natural "Cedar Oil" kills insects on contact, this safe easy to use product has been devised to treat and kill insects the natural way.

Natures Defender kills fleas and ticks on contact. Natures Defender is 100% safe and biodegradeable, even safe for newborns,puppys,and kittens. Simply spray directly on pets, being carefull not to spray in eyes, then rub well into coat.Fleas Die Instantly. Be sure to spray all pets bedding and carpets.Cedar Oil is clear and non-staining making it safe for all furniture and carpets.

Natures Defender not only kills fleas and ticks but a wide variety of pest. Here are just a few common insects Natures Defender eliminates: Roaches, Ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, head lice, termites, and many many more.

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Best Yet Products

Natures Defender is also safe for humans even children, and comes in a conveient 4oz personal spray or a 32oz spray for larger applications. Pictures shown above!

Natures Defender comes in a wide variety of products and sizes for your every need. Great for motels and apartments where insects are a problem.

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